• No Legacy is So Rich as Honesty and Integrity
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"No Legacy is So Rich as Honesty and Integrity"

The 21st Century Investment Bank
Capital Raises + Strategic Advisory

Donald Capital LLC is a FINRA Member Investment Bank founded with the intent to build a legacy based upon the fundamentals of Honesty & Integrity.

Founded in 2019 by senior Wall Street veterans with the primary focus to become the Premiere Boutique Investment Bank servicing clients around the globe.

The Principals’ highly regarded Wall Street reputations, broad experience across multiple industries and geographies, plus a results-oriented approach enables Donald Capital to provide solutions to the complex problems facing companies in today’s challenging business environment.

The Co-Founders & Principals of Donald Capital have launched several initiatives over their extensive careers to serve this part of the market. They are very familiar with the challenges facing companies in this market and have the unique perspective to provide solutions.

Donald Capital focuses on a market that has not been properly served for some time - the Private, Micro, Small and Midcap Markets.

Donald Capital aspires to be a trusted advisor, one that will work along side their clients as a partner to help companies attain their near and long-term objectives.

Firm Partners

Donald T. McDonald

CEO & Co-founder

Donald T. McDonald is a Co-Founder, Principal & CEO of Donald Capital, LLC. Mr. McDonald is a seasoned financial executive with over 30 years of experience on Wall Street. Currently, Mr. McDonald is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Consilium Global Research (CGR), an independent research firm founded in 2011 that provides traditional Wall Street research and strategic advisory for micro, small & mid cap public companies. CGR addresses this niche market that has been abandoned by Wall Street firms.

Alex P. Hamilton


Alex P. Hamilton is a Co-Founder, Principal and President of Donald Capital, LLC. Mr. Hamilton is a seasoned financial executive, with over 20 years of experience as a strategic advisor, entrepreneur and investor. Currently, Mr. Hamilton, as the Chief Financial Officer and director of CBD Biotech, Inc, is driving the process of the company going public.

Alex is also the founder of Hamilton Strategy Group, where his engagements have included interim CFO, due diligence packages for successful financing.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build a delightful future.

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Strategic Partner

Donald Capital LLC was founded to work with global investment banking clients as strategic partners to help them achieve their long term financial and business development objectives.


Donald Capital’s investment banking group is highly focused and deeply experienced in managing complex strategic and financial transactions. Our industry focus includes a core mandate of creating and maximizing value for our clients. Our unique capabilities provide us a competitive edge to understanding key business drivers and a company’s value proposition. We convey that value to potential buyers and financing sources to support the execution of a merger, acquisition or capital investment.

Strategic Advisory

Our clients seek our guidance in evaluating major strategic decisions, such as mergers and acquisitions, family business succession, management buyouts, divestitures, and financing opportunities. We advise boards of directors, special committees and management teams to help determine the best path to maximizing long-term value for shareholders. We offer big firm capabilities with a small firm feel providing broad spectrum expertise with high touch service.

Investor Recognition

Through our corporate partner, we are able to provide Insightful Wall St. research coverage for public companies looking to raise their profile in the investment community. The research report is written by senior Wall St. analysts and is widely distributed to high net worth individual investors , Institutional money managers, and various research databases. The research coverage provides the Foundation for any Investor outreach program.